About Us

With the awareness that clean and renewable energy sources
will make a positive contribution for the next generations,

We Drive The Transition to Reliable And Affordable
Energy Technologies!

EL Sun Energy LLC is a company that specializes in the development and construction of solar power plants both on the ground and on rooftops in several countries.

With clean and renewable energy in mind as well as a concern for bringing positive change to future generations, world economies and clean environment, our company with its professional, experienced staff offers its expertise in engineering, acquisition, construction as well as operation and maintenance services for solar power plants.
Our services include everything necessary for fast and high-quality project management: from location selection to project development, material gathering, “ready-to-go” construction, as well as delivery of all necessary permits.

We are a part of the Elin group that has over 40 years of experience as a partner, supplier, construction expert and OEM manufacturer in the energy sector for some of the biggest global brands.
Our group maintains and administers hundreds of MWs of solar power plants.
We own two factories for manufacturing photovoltaic modules that use cutting-edge technology, with a production capacity of over 2,500 MW per year. We distribute across Europe, the USA, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

Our companies complete all our projects successfully, in due time, and to excellent customer satisfaction, which is why we have become a positive example of what solar power plant development can achieve. All thanks to our excellent, professional team.
We strive to be the best in all aspects of the business. Our goal is to be a recognizable and leading brand in construction of solar power plants, which works in accordance with international standards, adapting to environmentally-friendly technological solutions and development.
Our work’s quality and customer satisfaction are evident thanks to continued cooperation with our clients for many years and on numerous projects.

Energy is our business.